CI Cyclones Youth Soccer Club

Brooklyn Premier Soccer Club

Mission Statement & Coaching Philosophy

Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster the spirit of young players by cultivating confidence, respect, excellence, friendship, a strong mind, and a healthy body, through the game of soccer in a fun and productive environment.  

We strive for our players to Develop a love of the game of soccer and achieve their full potential as soccer players.

We help cultivate a disciplined and professional attitude and facilitate the expansion of kids’ capacity for learning on their soccer path, as well as outside our soccer program.


Soccer is a beautiful game when played with skill, intelligence, and passion. Our goal at the Cyclones is to provide a safe, professional, and fun environment that will teach our players the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, self-confidence, respect, and inclusivity.

Our coaching philosophy is to develop players that play with confidence, enthusiasm, high intensity, and genuine love for soccer. We give the necessary attention to each player regardless of their skill level. We utilize a progressive methodology, which emphasizes mobility, coordination, agility, age-appropriate technical skills, and tactical understanding, as well as psychological elements of the game.